» Plan. Play. Profit.

About is dedicated to photographers who are passionate about being profitable in their portrait business.  That’s a mouth full! And let me tell you, it’s a lot of hard work!

We all start a portrait photography business because we love taking pictures and making people happy with our work.  Some of us decide to start pursuing the business side because we believe that it can also be profitable for us.  But soon, the day-to-day business operations start to drag us down, and putting that “business hat” on gets harder and harder.  Heck, I went through a long period where I didn’t even take my camera on vacation anymore because it just meant more work for me when I got home!

If you’re there… if you feel like you’re “stuck” and don’t know how to move forward, if you feel like your business is like a roller coaster ride – you never know what’s coming around the next corner or hill, or if you’re just fed up with clients complaining and you have no time left at the end of the day, the Membership is for you. is a 12 module course that will take you through setting up the systems you need for getting your business running smoothly and consistently.

I’ve been in the portrait photography industry for almost 20 years now.  Whew! I’ve had my ups and my downs and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Our industry has changed SO much, and thankfully – through the rough times,  I learned that I have to have systems in place or my business takes over my life.  It took some really rough times and a divorce years ago for me to finally get my priorities in line.  I’ve learned that my personal goals and dreams need to come first, and then my business has to be built to support them – not the other way around.

I would love for you to come along on this journey with me! A journey to becoming happy, busy, balanced and profitable.  Systems make a difference, and I want to teach you mine.  Learn all of the things that I’ve put into place over the years to become one of the top producing portrait studios in the country.

I believe there is power in numbers, and I’ve always loved the idea of group coaching.  You can be a part of this group – going through the work, putting systems in place, lifting each other up and holding each other accountable.

Together we can.


Plan. Play. Profit.