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Planning your Mini-Session and Events Calendar

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I love to plan Mini-Sessions and Events in my business.  Events are high-energy, lots of fun and bring in quick revenue.  Over the years, I found that the better I plan for my events, the more profitable they are!  By careful planning and putting a system in place, my events are very successful. Here are the dates I put on my calendar to ensure great success for each event:


The first thing to plan is when I want my event to take place. I choose a day or days on my calendar when I will photograph the sessions.


The next date to go on my calendar is when I want the marketing to go out about the event. Depending on the type of event, I want my marketing in front of people 3-5 weeks before the event takes place. I’ve found that these days, most people don’t want to commit to something more than 5 weeks away, and less than 3 weeks is not enough time to fill the event.


If I am partnering with another business, a host mom, or want to get my marketing into local daycares and schools, I also want to put a date on my calendar to contact them to make sure that I can get them the marketing that I’ve planned to get out in step 2.


Before the event can take place or the marketing can happen, all of the pieces that will be used need to be created.  I schedule a date on my calendar to make this happen, whether I’m creating and designing myself or I’m out-sourcing it.  If you are planning to have pieces printed, you’ll need to make sure that this date gives you enough time to have your items printed and shipped back to you. At this time I will create everything from my marketing, to my pricing for the event and all of the studio pieces needed such as order forms, model releases, thank you cards and more.


A planning date with yourself and a notebook is the most important date you can set for your event! At this time you’ll want to plan what type of event you are going to hold and who you are going to market to.  You’ll plan how long each session will be, how many clients  you want to photograph and how much you want to average each session.  When you have a session average goal, you can determine what your pricing structure will look like.  Will you offer packages?  Specialty items? Do you need to create a new pricing and product menu for this event?  You’ll also want to decide how you will do the sales from your sessions.  I choose immediate sales for all of my events and this really helps me to keep my averages up by doing my sales in person and not online.  It also greatly cuts down on workflow!

Planning out all of the details of your events will make a big difference in your success rate! I hear from a lot of photographers who put events on their calendar and then get very frustrated with their results.  Either their schedule doesn’t fill up, or their sales are much less than they hoped. By planning and following these steps, putting at least 4 dates on your calendar for each event, you will see better results for your events each time you hold them.